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Gymnázium, Praha 4, Budějovická 680, is a general secondary education institution ("Gymnasium") founded by the Magistrate of the Capital City of Prague. It was established in the year 1958 and has had several hundreds of graduates since then. It has also seen a number of both minor and major changes.

With 23 classes and 665 full-time students, the school is one of the largest grammar schools in Prague.

The school's educational policy and its main objective is to provide a thorough preparation for admission to university and for continued studies both in the Czech Republic and abroad. The Gymnasium is divided into three lines: the four-year general line, the eight-year general line and the specialized six-year Czech and Spanish bilingual track. The bilingual track is delivering a special education programme and the students take extra lessons of Spanish and from the third grade onwards Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, History and Geography are taught in Spanish. Language teaching is provided by qualified Czech and Spanish teachers. Other foreign languages taught at the Gymnasium are English, German, French and optional Russian. Although the school puts emphasis on general education, it enables students in the two upper grades to take special optional subjects (seminars), e.g. Foreign Language Conversation, Literature, Natural Science Seminar, Art History, Mathematics, etc.

Admission to the Gymnasium is by examination in Mathematics, Czech and general learning aptitude.

As a result of a long-term cooperation with the Natural Science Faculty of Charles University, the Gymnasium has been given the status of a Faculty Teacher-training School.

Recently, the school has seen a large number of changes and alterations. The building has been refurbished and the specialist teaching rooms newly equipped – especially the Physics, Chemistry and Biology laboratories, IT rooms, Art rooms, the History room and the English rooms in the restored loft. Currently, a plan is being put into practice to create a modern centre of culture and information, which will provide a great library as well as audio visual and computer technology facilities, including the internet.

The school also has a new cafeteria, where the students can choose from two different meals. It provides a comfortable atmosphere for students to relax and meet with their friends and teachers.

An important part of the Gymnasium is an above-average sports centre, which (apart from the usual sports facilities) offers a tennis court, several beach volleyball courts, a basketball court and a football pitch with an artificial turf and also a fitness centre.

A new hall with three squash courts was opened in December 1998.

All students take two summer and two winter (Hinterstoder, Austria) sports courses. In addition, junior students take part in the so-called "School Outdoors" project. The Department of Foreign Languages organizes exchange trips to countries whose languages the students are learning (Austria, France, Spain, Mexico, Chile) and trips to other countries (Germany, Italy, Great Britain and Switzerland (depending on the student's interest).

The Gymnasium offers a wide range of extracurricular and after-school activities, such as a Drama group, a Choir, an Art club, an Environmental club and many sports activities. The students also participate in the publishing of a history magazine (called About-Turn), whose quality and professionalism are appreciated by specialists. Moreover, the students contribute to fund an education project for young Peruvian Indians (the Inca Foundation).

The school staff includes a counsellor for conflict resolution (school psychologist).

Budějovická 680
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